Plum Shrub

For those who don’t know, a shrub is a vinegar-based fruit syrup that can either be enjoyed on its own, mixed with a little seltzer, or used to balance sweetness and acidity in a cocktail.

East Imperial Plum Shrub Recipe


Makes Approx. 1L

  • 400g Fresh or Canned Plums (Stoned)
  • 400g Apple Cider Vinegar ( Ideally raw or Mother, but whatever you have in the cupboard will still do the trick)
  • 400g Castor Sugar


  1. Finely dice or blitz up plums in a blender,
  2. Add to Large Jar (2L if possible) with the Apple Cider Vinegar and stir to combine
  3. Cover the jar tightly over the top with a cheese cloth or similar and leave in a room temperature space for 72hrs
  4. After 72 hours, remove cloth and strain the liquid through it removing any extra sediment
  5. Once strained, add the strained liquid to a pot with the sugar and bring to heat, just enough to dissolve the sugar.Once dissolved, remove from the heat, leave to cool for 30mins
  6. Now cool, funnel shrub into a bottle, chill & label. This syrup will last for up to 2 months

Serving Suggestions

  • Add 5ml to a Gin & Tonic for extra acidity
  • Add 10ml to Soda water for a bright fruity flavoured soda
  • Add 10ml to a “Mule” or “Buck” to add fleshy acidity and texture

Cocktail Recipe

40ml Blended Scotch, 10ml Plum Shrub, East Imperial Ginger Beer - Garnished with peach segments or grapefruit slices