The Botanicana

Cocktail Recipe

The Botanicana

Cocktail recipe by Andrea Marseglia, Gin Jubilee 2019 winner. This cocktail is simple in looks but incredibly complex in taste.

*To make the coffee fernum: blanch almonds in water overnight, blend them with lime zest, lime juice, sugar, ginger, almond extract, cinnamon and touch of gin. After making the syrup infuse it with coffee beans.

  • 30ml / 1 Oz Navy Strength Gin
  • 7.5ml / ¼ fl oz Italicus
  • 5ml / ⅙ fl oz Coffee Fernum*
  • Top with East Imperial Yuzu Tonic
  • Navel Orange Coin
  1. Add all ingredients except the Yuzu Tonic into a tall glass and fill with quality ice
  2. Top with East Imperial Yuzu Tonic

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