The Rifters Story: Handcrafted Gin Inspired by Arrowtown's Gold Mining History

Rifters: Exploring the Rifts for Premium Gin

Rifters, the makers of small-batch premium gin, take inspiration from the early gold mining era's foragers and fossickers. The founders of Rifters explore the rifts around the hills of Arrowtown, searching for that elusive nugget, and a refreshing gin is always welcomed at the end of a long day. Handcrafted in New Zealand using flavorful botanicals and pure New Zealand artesian water, Rifters gin is made to be enjoyed in good company.

The Arrowtown Connection: A Nod to the Land's History

The founders of Rifters discovered the great connection between Arrowtown's gold mining history and gin when they unearthed and discovered the Arrowtown Museum. The gold miners paved the way for the gin's production over one hundred and fifty years ago. The Rifters bottle is a representation of this Arrowtown history and the land that surrounds us, colored to match the lakes and rivers that flow through Central Otago.

The Purest Ingredients from the Mountains, Lakes, and Rivers

The mountains, lakes, and rivers that surround the Rifters team have captured their imagination for years. They provide the purest ingredients used to make their gin. These natural wonders also provide a place for the locals and visitors to explore, discover and play.

The Founders of Rifters: Hamish & Stu

Rifters was started by a couple of kiwi builders, Hamish & Stu, who are pretty fond of gin. One day in the workshop, they decided to have a nudge at creating their own. After a couple of years of trial and error, they figured things out, and Rifters has gone on to win multiple awards around the globe.

Rifters' Ethos: Care for the Land, Yarn, Get Immersed, and Enjoy It

Rifters is more than just a gin brand. It is a reflection of the founders' ethos and their connection to the land. They believe in caring for the land, ensuring it remains in good shape for future generations. The team is also fond of yarning and encourages people to connect and say hello. Getting immersed in the thick of life is an experience that they believe everyone should have. And finally, they enjoy the work they do and drinking their gin with friends and family, hoping that others do too.

In conclusion

Rifters' founders have taken inspiration from the land's history and created a handcrafted gin that reflects their ethos. They believe in caring for the land, immersing oneself in life, and enjoying a refreshing gin with friends and family. Rifters' small-batch premium gin is a testament to their passion for crafting the finest spirits, and their multiple global awards reflect the dedication and hard work they have put into their craft.

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