East Imperial is a selection of the finest beverages, a premium marque on a journey to become the global leader in superior quality mixers. When founded we did not start with a brand, we started with a philosophy; To return the heritage, tradition and authenticity back to the line of beverages that define an era of discovery.

Thankfully the East Imperial collection is here and true to the tradition.


Back in 1825, British Army officers combined quinine, sugar and water in an attempt to create a daily tonic to act as a malaria prophylaxis. Gin was later added to the mix to mask the strong and bitter taste of the quinine water.

192 years on, the quintessential gin and tonic has come a very long way. But not necessarily in a good way. The overly sweet citric acid soft drinks of our time have replaced genuine, traditional tonic water. These modern drinks completely mask the herbaceous aromas of premium gin and other spirits, manipulating the role that tonic water now plays in modern mixology.

Batavia, Java, INDONESIA

This place holds a very special significance to us. It was where the Administrative Headquarters of the Dutch East India Company were built in 1707. They quickly took control of the global Quinine trade, a staggering 95% and continued to do so all the way until 1942. (The Japanese attacked the port in WWII). This is the authentic, historic and original source for Quinine. The global center of trade that allowed for the humble G&T to flourish throughout Asia and the world. It is now once again on the map as the source of Quinine for the East Imperial range.

Artesian Aquifer Water

East Imperial water is sustainably sourced from an artesian spring located near Tauranga, in the North Island of New Zealand. An ecosystem that produces water of the highest quality and a country committed to protecting the environment. New Zealand is one of only three countries allowed to bottle straight from source.

From Bandung, Java to
the World’s Leading Bars

The hand-picked cinchona that we use originates from the very same Java, Indonesia plantation that was used to supply the anti-malaria daily rations for the early pioneers and settlers in East Africa and East Asia in 1903. It takes seven years for our cinchona trees to grow, and the scraping, air drying, smoking and processing takes a further seventeen days. That’s what it takes to put the finest tonic water in your tumbler.

These are not soft drinks. We believe the spirit should do the talking. our traditional small-batch method of production ensures this is the case by enhancing the freshness and subtleties of any spirit's botanicals. 


Our Mombasa Ginger Beer and Thai Dry Ginger Ale are based on the same philosophy as our tonic waters, using only all-natural ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. We also use a traditional brewing process that takes three days using the best gingers from both Kenya and Thailand. Family tales of the original Mombasa Ginger Beer inspired our classic and time-honored ginger beer recipe. We sort to recreate what was in the tumblers of early settlers at the Muthaiga Country Club, Kenya, at the turn of last century. Less sugar compared to other ginger beers and dry ginger ales, both deliver an incredibly long-lasting ginger spice making it the perfect complement to spirits.