A ginger beer like nothing else

This is our expression of naturally brewed ginger beer. With a brewing process that takes three days using the finest gingers from East Africa and East Asia, we believe it captures the naturalness and freshness of the best ginger beer homebrews found along the coast of East Africa and the Caribbean. It has less sugar compared to other ginger beers and has an incredibly long-lasting ginger spice that makes it the perfect complement to spirits, especially dark rum and vodka.

Our Mombasa Ginger Beer is ideal for a Moscow Mule, Dark ‘n’ Stormy, or simply enjoyed on its own.

3 x 10 pk Ginger Beer

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"Clear appearance, ginger on nose, very bubbly. Good amount of ginger and some heat"

The palate is long, starting with a lavish sweetness followed by an almost chili-like spice that lingers, the final palate is spicy, warming, and lasting.

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