East Imperial Pineapple Tepache Recipe


Makes approx. 1000ml

  • 300g Pineapples Skins & Core  (1x Pineapples worth of skins approx, top up the rest of the weight with flesh and Juice)
  • 1x Cinnamon Quill
  • 5g Black Peppercorns
  • 200g Sugar
  • 500ml Brewed and chilled green tea (15% tea : water)


  1. Add all the above ingredients to a jar or sealed bucket, stir to combine and leave for 2 days sealed.
  2. Agitate and then cover top with blue cloth or polishing cloth and leave for a further 24hrs.
  3. Strain through chinois or fine strainer into bottle
  4. Label and chill, this will keep unblended for around 3 weeks maximum.

Serving Suggestion

  • Drink with beer to add acidity and make your balanced tropical Hazy Pale Ale
  • Add 30ml to Soda water for a bright tropical flavoured soda
  • Add 30ml to a Cocktail alongside citrussy sours & highballs for an added sweetness


Cocktail Recipe

30ml Tepache, 50ml IPA Beer, 150ml East Imperial Ginger Beer - garnished with Ruby Red grapefruit.