Mandarin Cordial

East Imperial Mandarin Cordial Recipe


  • Makes Approx. 750ml
  • 350g Mandarin Segments & Peels (throwing into the blender whole is fine)
  • 350g Castor Sugar
  • 300g Water


  1. Add Mandarins to a blender and blitz until broken up into small pieces
  2. Add the sugar and water and blend until sugar has dissolved
  3. Funnel cordial into a bottle, label with the date and keep chilled, give the syrup a 2 week best before date

Serving Suggestion

  • Add 10ml to a Gin & Tonic for freshness
  • Add 20ml to Soda water for a bright citrus flavoured soda
  • Add 10ml to a Cocktail to add or emphasise the citrus flavours and sweetness

Cocktail Recipe

20ml Mandarin Cordial, 150ml East Imperial Soda water - Garnished with Fresh Lime